Monday, April 14, 2008

Maclean's asks question is Richard Warman a "Civil rights menace?"

Righteous crusader or civil rights menace? (Maclean's)

"the slam-dunk quality to Warman's Section 13 cases are a cause for worry, symbolizing the drift of human rights commissions into the boggy territory of covert investigation and speech control. Those concerns deepened two weeks ago with revelations that, for a time, Warman was acting both as a complainant and an investigator at the commission"

Scrutinizing the human rights machine(National Post)

"Richard Warman, who is also the complainant in more than a dozen other section 13.1 cases -- more by far than any other complainant ever -- and wonder how one man could be so widely aggrieved. They also note his 100% success rate."

Now that Richard Warman is suing Ezra Levant and other conservatives for stating that Richard Warman is a censor, the media now can't ignore the reality of who Richard Warman truly is -- a censor. Beware Ezra, if he can't censor you, he might throw a pie in your face.