Friday, January 5, 2007

Richard Warman: "Bible is Hate"

HUMAN RIGHTS" IN CANADA -- More on the Jessica Beaumont Tribunal

The Trade and Convention center in Vancouver is a piece of modernistic art that is contrived to look like some sort of old style sailing ship, with full sails, masts, and the whole nine yards. It almost works, but when you look a little closer you see it for what it is-some fool's vision, representation of the dynamic nature of the Port of Vancouver; dirty white, surrounded by multi-million dollar hotels, two and a half blocks from the heart of skid row. No green, no people friendly spaces, just concrete and glass jutting out into the water like a drunk's chin looking for a fight. Progress.

Anyway, we entered the lobby to see a coffee-coloured creature sitting at the information desk. Up an escalator and onto the second floor, where a sign informed us that the matter of Warman vs Beaumont will be held in room whatever & the room itself was a standard room, three or four rows of chairs, with areas for each side-similar to a courtroom, with the tribunal head sitting up front facing the gallery and right in the middle (you have to wonder how many committee meetings it took to figure out the "proper" seating).

On one side up front was the steno, and on the other some kind of assistant, who probably weighed in at about 275, female, of course. The counsel for the accuser was tanned, some unpronounceable name with a heavy French accent who had to be continually told to speak at the mike and not from the chair. On a number of occasions he called Jessy "the accused." So, we know what his other job is when he is not persecuting young women. There was a huge binder, called the "tabs" in which all of the allegations and information was set out, indexed, and tabularized with coloured tabs. This was referred to so many times I lost count.

The basic allegations was that Jessy spread "hate" and subjected protected groups, (yes, that's what they're called) to contempt or ridicule (!!!????)

There was also an allegation of a threat. More on that soon.

Constant reference was made to the "over one thousand" individual pieces of so called hate, and at one point the chairman said that there were only five or six allegations before her, and the (I don't know what to call him) prosecutor was told to limit himself to those specific allegations contained in the tabs.

At one point a quoted posting from SF stated that there were areas of various cities she did not feel safe in or would not go. That was called "subjecting to hate" various groups. So, that at this point even the tribunal chairman had a problem, asking how self-segregation could be called hate? Warman would not be denied; he maintained this was spreading hate.

In another post she spoke of the queer loving supporters of another. This was "subjecting a protected group to hate". Her sig, Church of the Dead Warman, was construed as a threat. Her frank and courageous admission on the stand that she was a Nazi Skingirl was another action of spreading hate. The chairman asked if Warman was alleging that simply being a Nazi was spreading hate? He answered in the affirmative. While on the stand, she said her beliefs were supported by the Bible, and quoted some passages-another spreading hate charge, and he even went so far as to allege the Bible was "hate propaganda."

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. This man openly admitted to spending years on-line at various so called hate groups and openly stated he has extensive files on groups and people. Warman at one time worked for the Commission, was on staff and would not say if he still was, which to my mind is tantamount to saying yes. He claimed it could open him up to possible attacks (of the kind he sponsors against his opponents). So, we never got an answer. This arrogant person is so sure of his victory that he did not even bother to come on the last day, which left his counsel in an awkward position, forcing him to apologize to the tribunal.

So, according to Warman, the Bible is hate propaganda

Refusing to go into certain parts of a city is "spreading hate."

Being NS is "spreading hate."

Any opinion on homosexuality that is not positive support is, yep, you guessed it: "Spreading hate!"

Even though he had to voluntarily join SF, and the content is clearly explained, it violates his rights because it POSSIBLY exposes him to hate, contempt, or ridicule-or may hurt his feelings. (No, I am not making this up. He actually said that)

The SF site should be considered public and closed down because of the POSSIBILITY someone may inadvertently access the site and be offended. (Again, his words).

His justification? Section 13.1 of the Human Rights Act, and also the Kouba Decision. I believe all of this is online and can be found at

There is so much more, but to be honest, I really do not feel like getting into it. Petty, juvenile, school-yard crap of the kind we should all have gotten over once we turned 20. These are the people who make the laws up here, these are the people that designed the system, and these are the people who sold out our birthright to a horde of invaders who hate and despise us. One brave young warrior stood up and said no more, and now she will pay the price, even though we all know she was speaking the truth, and we all feel the same way. No decision has yet been handed down, but why bother? We all know what it will be. Warman wants a telecommunications ban and financial penalties to the value of C$7500.

For hurt feelings.
-Jeff Hughes


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Whatever you have to do NOW to stop this crap is better than trying to do something LATER. Whites in Canada have the numbers in their favour NOW.